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covers 1“Maybe the years of being demeaned, pigeonholed, ignored, and caricatured had done the trick. Could Nick Biondi, the man seeking proof that he was not a racist, have become the thing that he had decried?” Bedbugs, Biondi & Me

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“My father and mother would often tell the story of the day they lost my grandmother in Atlantic City. They were at a casino with her and while they were gambling, the old woman wandered off. Minutes after she disappeared, they began a frantic search for her. When they couldn’t find her, they went to casino security with their problem. The man at the security desk was very sympathetic. He told them to follow him and he took them to a room. He opened the door and revealed 25 little old ladies quietly sitting on chairs. ‘Is any one of these yours?’ he asked with a sigh.” Disappearing Act







“I wish I had this book when I was first starting out!” Hal Linden on A Doctor & a Plumber in a Rowboat.


“My father could be the most irritating of men. I remember telling him about a movie I had just seen and enjoyed called ‘The Great Debaterbook covers 1s.’ He said he wasn’t interested in it because he knew what it was about. ‘I’ve read all about it,’ he said. ‘But you haven’t seen it,’ I said. ‘I have.’ Undeterred, my  father said, ‘It’s just like ‘To Sir, With Love,’ except it’s set in the 1930s.’ ‘It’s not like ‘To Sir, With Love’ at all,’ I said. Pointlessly, for my father had the last word. ‘Well, I wouldn’t know,’ he said. ‘I’ve never seen ‘To Sir, With Love.'”  Overheard on a Bus

“You too refer to a grave and serious hazard. Your first support of this contentiGS BIOon has to do with the closed vent ‘so that gases from the fire cannot properly dissipate to the outer air.’ My expertise in this area is certainly limited but if you are saying that a burning gas flame requires some sort of a chimney or vent then this must be a new insight into the dynamics and the properties of burning gas. What happens to those undissipated gases from all the ventless, chimneyless gas ranges used in our building and in many others? Certainly our kitchen stove, when a large meal is being prepared with all jets and both ovens going, creates more ‘undissipated gases’ – whatever they may be – than our three-or-four-times-a-year living room log. If you conclude our log is unsafe because of the absence of an air vent, our kitchen range is downright cinematic in its potential for destruction.” The Whole Catastrophe

“The publisher brushed aside my worries as though they were a fly buzzing around his shoulder. ‘What we always do in our movie books is to use the photos without permission andbooks
thank the film companies for the photos in the acknowledgments section,’ he explained. ‘These are big companies and they often don’t bother to check, so when you acknowledge them, they assume you’ve got permission.’ This was the sort of logic that got you into jail – or at least into a lawsuit, but I was twenty-four, and to paraphrase The X-Files’ Fox Mulder, ‘I wanted to believe.’” Driving Me Crazy

“He heard weird and obscene chanting coming from behind. ‘Thith, Thith,’ was what the figures screamed and the word struck Jon with terror. He scrambled thrbooks 1
ough the entrance to the cave and bolted across the intervening terrain. He did not stop until he again stood beneath the tree where he had first sighted the beautiful and enticing cave. He lifted the binoculars to his eyes and gazed into them. He saw, standing at the entrance to the cave, the black-robed figures and their serpent god…” The Cave of Thith, by Tom Sinclair, Look at Them Now & Other Stories


“Why watch Married At First Sight then? The romantic in me says while there is love there is hope. But the real reason is it’s hard to take your eyes off a car wreck.” – You Should Get  a Cat





“Bill had first noticed the woman when he was standing in front of the restaurant. He didn’t want to stare, but he couldn’t help it. Her blonde hair was loosely tied back, and she wore a long black dress and pointed black high heels. She was smoking a cigarette. He felt his pulse begin racing. He wanted to talk to her, he wanted a cigarette, and he wanted to touch her, all at once.”  – Woman in Heels




Tom Soter at home.



“Witty, breezy, and engaging…Reading Soter’s essays is like spending an afternoon with an uncle at a Manhattan diner, drinking coffee and savoring stories the listener has probably heard before but still finds

enjoyable… perfect for passing time

on an uptown subway ride.”




“…a lively romp through the improv world [that] is accessible for both high school and adult readers… A colorful, spirited gem for

aspiring actors or groups looking

to improve teamwork.”




“…Readers will delight in the surprise of stumbling from a rumination on childhood birthdays to an unpublished, intimate interview with the legendary comedian John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) within a few pages…Nearly everyone will find something of interest in this volume… a compilation that’s as diverse and surprising as life on a

New York City block. ”